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Caring for a Waxed Floor

Reapply wax once every six to twelve months. If is wood floor add an additional layer of wax added . Vinyl, Ceramic or Stone floors should be waxed every six months.

Never use mop waxed hardwood and avoid use a soaking mop. Vinyl and other non-wood surfaces can be cleaned with a damp mop.

If the shine fades you can polish or buff the floor using a terry cloth or buffing pad to polish the floor.

If the wax if it becomes yellowed or discolored, use a scrub to get the shine back. Then you need to apply a new layer or two of wax to create a strong protective layer again.

For a deteriorated floor we recommend you Contact Us, avoid doing a double job, a professional waxed floor care done correctly will give years of life to your floors.

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