Everybody knows Stone floors looks beautiful to any home but caring for them can be a nightmare though. If you follow the recommendations of our experts after a restoration work on your floors, they look shiny and scratch-free.

Or contact us and we will give you a solution to make your floors shine again.


Avoid forgetting to clean your shower, is a difficult environment to keep clean when you have natural stone. Soap scum, hard water, efflorescence, mold, dulling and the tight butt joints can affect the shine of your stone, so try to keep your shower constant upkeep. It is a small space but with many factors that affect the cleanliness and very difficult to bring it back to “new” looking. We have a technique for cleaning natural stone showers, polished or honed.


Marble Services

Natural Stone Cleaning & Polishing

If you have natural stone that needs to be cleaned, be restored,  sealing or polishing, CDG Cleaning offers to you basic maintenance, full restorations, cleaning services and removal in the differents areas of your hause, showers, counters & fireplaces and floors.

Your stone is looking dull with scratches and full of water marks? 

Ok, here some tips:


How to take care of your Countertops and Vanities if they are stone. The biggest factor is the density of the stone, because have less chance of absorbing hard water and staining agents, also acids can cause dulling, etch marks is something common on kitchen counters, even on some granite, as harsh. CDG Cleaning can restored it using a deep cleanser and polishing. If the scratches are very deep we will need diamond polishing to insure full removal.

We Move your Furniture!

We move all your furniture, the only requirement from you is to remove any breakables. We protect your furniture at 100%, we know the importance of your furniture for you, we will mask & plastic wrap the furniture. Once we have completed your job we recommend using felt pads under the base or legs on all furniture to preserve the face of your marble floors. We can do that for you. We recommend you to carefully inspect the work done by our CDG Cleaning team. Your satisfaction is our priority; the job is done when you finish the inspection.


Marble Floors need Special Care

The most common methods is Diamond, this is a wet, dust free, sanding method. Remember that marble floors require a regular maintenance unlike tile floors, to remove scratches and bring back the clarity of the stone.

Or you can choose to perform a Deep Cleaning, usually used on Saturnia, Travertine and other similar stones. Deep Cleaning consists of a deep scrub with intensive cleaning. We can achieve two finishes on the floor which can consist of a honed (no shine or matte finish), medium luster or high gloss finish.

Our Marble Refinishing Services Include:
Travertine, Saturnia, Terrazzo
Honing, Polishing, Buffing & Sealing
Diamond Refinishing
Granite Countertop Polish & Sealing
Crack & Chip Repairs
Jerusalem, Slate, Limestone, Onyx
Other Types of Natural Stones