Post Construction Cleaning South Florida


Here at CDG Cleaning Services, we are dedicated to doing your cleaning according to your needs. If you are dealing with a new construction, improvements or renovations, we provide outstanding cleaning services. We do not only focus on dust, dirt and debris removal, but also on scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces to provide a pretty clean aesthetic. Give us a call and leave the work in good hands.

Rough Construction Cleaning:

Rough cleaning can get your home ready for entertaining or a new tenant. At the end of your kitchen remodel or during the construction process, our professional cleaners can efficiently remove any debris from the space. Our office cleaning service takes care of it all so you can focus on creating a welcoming and safe environment. Whether you need one-time maintenance for fresh paint and new carpet or ongoing cleaning for everyday wear and tear, we handle it quickly and efficiently.

Final Construction Cleaning

Property managers, facility managers and owner representatives can rest assured knowing that their project’s final cleaning needs are in good hands. Final Cleaning is performed after all other construction trades have finished the project and have left the premises. Final construction cleaning services are done on a wide variety of properties, from tenant improvements to commercial facilities, including large retail centers, office buildings and high-rise buildings.

If you’re considering starting a construction project for occupancy, we can help you without being intrusive or interrupting the work done previously. The service usually includes dust, shine, and vacuum all surfaces.