How to take out mold in your caulking:

It looks something simple, but it isn't, because typically grows from the back to the front, the people remove "the tip of the iceberg" and then they are surprised when the mold comes back. The solution that CDG Cleaning offers you is remove the caulking and replacing it.

The big challange is not kill mold, this is quick and easy, stop mold from growing is the real goal. We provide you information about how to keep your shower looking great after restoration service so you can have you shower looking new and clean for years!


Shower Restoration

How to keep your shower looking new

Usually showers have 3 major issues, hard water stains, mold & mildew, & grout discoloration. After around 5 years they start to show these signs and the work of the homeowner to clean the showers gets more and more difficult because buildup tends to accumulate faster.

What are the shower maintenance services?     

  • Full Shower Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Natural Stone Cleaning & Polishing

  • Grout Restoration & Sealing

  • Regrouting & Repairs

  • Caulking Replacement & Mold Removal

 Some of the signs that may mean that your shower needs maintenance are mold & mildew toxic mold and mildew trapped in your caulking, this means a risk to your health and looks horrible for sure. Deep clean and good maintenance, is a easy solution to fix issues with venting/trapped moisture.

Shower Regrouting

Make a rebuild in a shower area, can turn an old and boring shower to a fresh and renewed at a fraction of the cost of a full retile!

At CDG Cleaning we provide a regrouting service putting your shower on another level, to enjoy your relax moment of the day. All the products used by our team are high quality, allowing breathability behind the shower tiles to allow moisture to escape and not cause damage behind your shower listed above.


Remove Soap Scum from your shower

Soap scum

is the hard water, body oils, dead skin and hair stuck in the corners of your shower, generating grime nasty and foul smelling buildup of excess soap, something very difficult to remove. Mold often will change the color if left there without cleaning maintenance. The large buildups begin deteriorating metal shower frames, literally eaten the corner piece of a shower away and weatherstripping. Cheap showers are usually absolutely destroyed, having to do a complete replacement of the shower.

Rust and Calcium Buildup 

can be caused by water penetration behind the tiles and rusting cheap wire meshes. You can remove the stains, but do not have sense if the underlying issue has not been resolved. We do the job of removing mechanically or chemically the stains at the shower area.

Calcium buildup and efflorescence


If the issues is something aesthetic, CDG Cleaning remove nearly all types of damages caused by mineral buildup and efflorescence.

Shower & Bath Recaulking

To prevent mold and mildew growth on caulking, silicone caulking is an easy way to protect of low quality caulk and excessively wet environments, providing a watertight seal around a shower pan or bathtub. We recommend remove the old caulking and replacing it with fresh silicone. A job done with high quality products can be the perfect look to a clean shower.