You are looking to change the color of your grout? Color sealing is the best possible option for you. As we said above, whitout disadvantages and cheap.

Avoid accumulation of dirt it is impossible but this system makes it easy to clean and will never dull or yellow. 


Grout Cleaning, Color Sealing, Color Change

Benefits of Grout Color Sealing 

The ultimate protection you can give to your floors is Color Sealing Protection, bring an uniform finish that is truly stain repellent. Lasting over 10 years in even the worst conditions, a process that keep your grout looking amazing without color fading. Take a look at the results we have had with Color Sealing Process.

Color Sealing is cost effective, usually 20-60% cheaper than regrouting, stain-proof, water repellent, breathable, non porous, quick drying, provides even appearance, is simple to clean, can be matched to any grout color, also binds cracks & chips in the grout, among others benefits.


What are the disadvantages? Absolutely nothing, because it is a maintenance job, if the CDG Team carries out these jobs in the appropriate periods, avoiding reaching the point that your floor is damaged, this is a process without disadvantages. Is truly top system in performance, appearance, durability, color creation, and affordability for your floors.