Wax & Stripper Services

 How to Wax a Floor

We check if the floor has already been treated. If the floor has been treated, it is recommended to wax it, since these surfaces do wear down and get dirty usually. First, we gonna determine what product was used (ask the previous owner): natural ones called wax, or synthetic ones called finish. Or How to know this by yourself?

The floor don´t looks shiny or glossy, and with your finger you can feel the original material,  the floor has not been treated.

Your floor was never treated? We choose the wax or finish product intended for the material your floor is made from. When you determine which look you want, like a Polyurethane as one of the most popular glossy option, we will start with the floor treatment but remember each product will appear slightly different If your floor has already been treated.


Wax is really difficult to remove, for this reason we recommend you that you hire CDG Professionals, they have the knowledge to get the job done in the right way. 

Another important recommendation is remove all furniture and objects from the floor and avoid people in the treated area for at least 8 hours.